September 4, 2011

To the Soul of My Soul:

Love can be a difficult journey, but a journey worth taking with no other than you.
All things may not come together as planned, but when it does come together it gives me one more reason to look forward to tomorrow.

To be loved by you is to experience a dream igniting in me the meaning of life,
My life with you makes all things new and to love with you makes all things divine.

October 1, 2011

To My Inspiration:

I know times get tough. I see it in your eyes every day. The stresses you endure I could never imagine. The trials you face I may never understand. But no matter what lies ahead I will always be there with you, never walking behind you, never moving ahead of you, but always standing next to you.

We have had our bad nights and doubtful days but you never fail, by the things that you do, to remind me of the reason God has chosen to place me by your side.

You give me strength when I feel I have none.
You lift me up in times when I can no longer stand.
You are my purpose when I feel I question what my purpose is.

You are the husband I have always wanted, the father my children always needed, and the man, until now, I have only seen in my dreams. You are the light of my life, the love of my heart, and my inspiration!

Im Proud of You &I Love You Forever!


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